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Established in 1987, now with over 170 members, DARA - Chapter 56 of Romance Writers of America� - is a non-profit, voluntary association of writers dedicated to raising and maintaining quality in the romance genre and its sub genres. DARA works to accomplish this through advocating high professional standards and through the dissemination of information on writing and the publishing industry.


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Workshop: The Author/Editor Relationship
Piya Campana and Claire Caldwell

Presented by Piya Campana and Claire Caldwell

Our February meeting with a Harlequin editor was canceled due to snow and icy weather. We''ve rescheduled that meeting for this month! And instead of one editor, we will have two editors visiting with us via Skype. All workshop attendees will be invited to participate in a special Submission Blitz. Submit your manuscript within 30 days of our meeting, and receive feedback from a Harlequin editor within 60 days.

Workshop Details: Want to know what editors look for in a manuscript? Curious about how to make your manuscript stand out? Or would you like to understand how an editor can help grow and guide an author’s career? Then join us on Saturday, February 28th at 9:30 a.m. to welcome Kathleen Scheibling, Senior Editor Harlequin American Romance, Harlequin Blaze. Kathleen will give you an inside look at the author/editor relationship, and she’ll discuss what you can expect from writing for Harlequin. Learn all about the series lines and what differentiates them, and understand what Harelquin, as a publisher, offers its authors.

Piya Campana is Assistant Editor of the Harlequin Superromance, Heartwarming and Gold Eagle team. She is lucky to work with a growing body of wonderful authors. She was an editorial intern at a few publishing houses in Toronto before landing at Harlequin in 2008 in a proofreading role. Piya holds an Honours BA in English and Book & Media Studies from the University of Toronto and a graduate certificate in publishing from Ryerson University. In her spare time she loves to travel, which is the perfect way to nurture her other obsessions: food and photography. She’s looking to acquire emotionally complex contemporary romances with strong internal conflict and a larger story around the central relationship. Follow her @piyacampana.

Claire Caldwell is an Assistant Editor for Heartwarming, Superromance and Gold Eagle. She loves the variety of working on both contemporary romances and action-adventure stories (though it has led to some strange Google search histories). In her non-Harlequin life, Claire writes poetry, and in 2014 she published her first book, Invasive Species. For Heartwarming, Claire is always on the lookout for clean, contemporary romance manuscripts of 70-75,000 words. Follow her on Twitter @cpmcaldwell.